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About Sarah

Multi award winning Entrepreneur Sarah Hurley, established the Sarah Hurley creative lifestyle brand and company in 2010 with her last £40 and a dream to create beautiful, creative products. Using that last £40 to buy a train ticket to a buyers meeting at a TV Shopping Channel, she secured hours of airtime to launch her first two products.


Over the next five years Sarah grew the company to a multi-million dollar global brand creating over 3000 products, writing books, opening two UK and two US offices and launching licensing, retail, publishing and media divisions.

Twelve years later, Sarah now leads a global team, designing every product and creating every brand under the Sarah Hurley banner as well as designing, licensing, writing and consulting for companies worldwide. We also launched the Sarah Hurley Academy in 2022 to help other Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.


Sarah is a published author, Business Advocate and an in demand Global keynote speaker as well as a long serving Board Advisor to several Trade Associations all over the world.

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