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Give the gift of our hand-drawn, personalised Angel Mugs! Suitable for a loved one in your life in need of some inspiration or uplifting!

We all have our angels guiding us and sometimes we want to carry them with us. Our angel mugs can remind us that we are never alone and provide us with the reassurance that they will help us on your journey to our desired destination.

Use this mug to start off your day with a motivational message, manifesting a good day without even trying.

Perfect for any person, any occasion! Whether that’s a Birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day or you want to warm someone with a loving and insightful gift!

Why your loved ones will appreciate this

  • A personalised gift that’s genuine and made with care and love
  • A motivating gift that is sure to touch the heartstrings of your receiver whoever the lucky person may be!
  • A product that is sure to be cherished, admired and come in handy day to day
  • Carefully chosen and personalised by someone they truly cherish
  • Dimensions: 9cms tall and 8cms in diameter with a 10oz capacity.

Send the timeless gift of treasured memories with our Angel Mugs today. What are you waiting for? Gift them something you'll know they love.


Angel Affirmation Mug

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