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Give the gift of our custom made Mystery Box! Suitable for a loved one in your life in need of some inspiration or uplifting!

Who doesn't love a surprise? This 6 item package is bursting with energy that the universe has been dying to tell you. Containing a hand-drawn angel card, tea light, a gorgeous gemstone, scratch cards and sage, beautifully packaged in a personalised bag.

This spiritual and sweet-scented Mystery Box isn’t just suitable for a friend or loved one, if you’re in need of positive energy and some life-changing news, pick one up for yourself! This is your sign.

There is perfect for any person, any occasion! Whether that’s a Birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day or you want to warm someone with a loving, welcoming and insightful surprise!

Why your loved ones will appreciate this

  • A personalised gift that’s genuine and hand picked with love
  • A motivating gift that is sure to touch the heartstrings of your receiver, whoever the lucky person may be!
  • A product that will be sure to come in handy day-to-day
  • Personalised by someone they truly cherish

Send the timeless gift of treasured memories with our Mystery Boxes today. 

Fated Mystery Box

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