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Do you want the perfect gift for a close one, sure to be useful and cherished?


Sweet-scented and sentimental, our Wax Melt Kits are the perfect gift idea for a loved one (or yourself!) whether you want to calm, energise, invigorate or focus your energy! This gift set includes wax melts, a gorgeous quartz crystal, an inspiring mantra card and a message from the universe! Who wouldn’t appreciate a heart felt gift like this one.


Giving you options of 5 different moods, there is sure to be something perfect for any person, any occasion! Whether that’s a Birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day or you want to warm someone with a loving and welcoming fragrance.


Choose from Love, Calm, Abundance, Zen and Protection.


Why your loved ones will appreciate this:

  • A personalised gift that’s genuine and hand picked by someone they love
  • An inspirational, motivating gift that is sure to ouch the heartstrings of your receiver
  • A product that will be sure to come in handy day-to-day
  • Dimensions: approximately A5.


Send the timeless gift of treasured memories with our Wax Melt Kits today. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to gift their favourite gift this year?

Wax Melt Kit

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