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Sarah Hurley Academy Venture Partners with Diva Watts

Sarah Hurley Academy Venture programme announces second partnership with established US brand Diva Watts


The Venture programme, which sees Sarah Hurley partner with entrepreneurs and small businesses, has today revealed their second partnership, US brand Diva Watts. Following a chance meeting earlier this year, Sarah and Stacey of Diva Watts have entered into a multi-year partnership to further the digital brand into multiple areas. The duo will first launch creative paper goods and gifts at the forthcoming CHSI Stitches show in February 2024 and have ambitious growth plans following.


Sarah comments ‘Stacey and I bonded instantly and share a remarkably similar vision, when she suggested working together, I couldn’t say no! I can’t wait to work with Stacey to develop her brand even further’


Stacey says ‘ I have admired Sarah’s work for years.  Having the opportunity to connect and collaborate with Sarah is a dream come true.  I’m excited to see what our partnership brings to Diva Watts Designs.


You can see the new Diva Watts products exclusively at the CHSI Stitches show in February - register for tickets now at  or apply for your own Creative Pitch session at - where attendees can pitch their business or product idea to a panel of industry experts, headed by Sarah.

All Venture applicants will be supported by the Sarah Hurley Academy which provides a platform for entrepreneurs to

learn, connect, and engage directly with Sarah and other Academy members.

For more information, visit


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Sarah Hurley Academy is a trusted resource and platform dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and small business

owners. With a mission to provide aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed

for success, Sarah Hurley Academy offers a comprehensive range of courses and resources. The recent launch of Academy

magazine further solidi ed Sarah Hurley Academy's commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial community and

helping small business owners create  nancial independence.

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