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Sarah Hurley Launches Sell Out Magazine For Entrepreneurs
Sarah Hurley Academy Launches Exciting New Magazine for Entrepreneurs, Offering a Wealth of Inspiration and Expertise

Sarah Hurley Academy, a leading provider of resources for aspiring and established entrepreneurs and small business owners, is excited to announce the launch of its highly anticipated magazine, Academy. This cutting-edge publication is set to empower entrepreneurs worldwide by providing valuable insights, expert advice, and inspiring stories of success.

With the rise of entrepreneurial spirit and the increasing importance of innovation in today's economy, Academy magazine will be the go-to resource for entrepreneurs seeking guidance, inspiration, and practical knowledge to navigate the challenges of starting and scaling a business. Whether it's a small startup or a well-established venture, the magazine caters to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.


Sarah Hurley, founder of the Academy and Editor of the magazine commented "It was always my vision to launch this magazine. Helping Entrepreneurs to build their own version of success and create financial independence has always been my number one goal for the Academy and the magazine is a big part of our journey moving forward"


The recent launch at Stitches trade show led to an immediate sell out and has since sold out two more reprints. Subscriptions are now available for both print and digital issues.


Each issue will cover a wide range of topics including:


Start-up stories, Business strategies, In-depth articles that delve into effective strategies for growth, marketing, and operations, helping entrepreneurs make informed decisions.Leadership and personal development, Industry trends and insights and Expert interviews.


Additionally, Academy will provide a platform for entrepreneurs to connect and engage with Sarah and other Academy members. 


As an industry-leading publication, Academy delivers high-quality content through its print and digital platforms. The magazine is available in both physical and digital formats, ensuring accessibility for entrepreneurs around the globe. Subscriptions can be purchased through the Academy website and selected newsstands.


For more information, visit Follow Sarah Hurley Academy on Facebook or Instagram for updates, exclusive content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the magazine's creation.

About Sarah Hurley Academy


Sarah Hurley Academy is a trusted resource and platform dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners. With a mission to provide aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed for success, Sarah Hurley Academy offers a comprehensive range of courses and resources. The launch of Academy magazine further solidifies Sarah Hurley Academy's commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial community and helping small business owners create financial independence.

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