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A perfect gift for anyone who wants guidance or encouragement. Suitable for a loved one in your life in need of some inspiration or uplifting!


Your angels are with every step of your journey and sometimes we want to hear from them. If you or a loved one need to hear some uplifting messages from them, this gift is perfect!


Personalise the bag to add a more sentimental touch and carry your 12 angels with you, wherever you go.


This spiritual and sentimental gift isn’t just suitable for a friend or loved one, if you’re in need of positive energy and some life-changing news, pick one up for yourself! This is your sign.


Perfect for any person, any occasion! Whether that’s a Birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day or you want to warm someone with a loving, welcoming and insightful surprise!


Our team of experts make each product by hand at Chips & Sprinkles HQ before printing and sending, so you can expect a beautifully stunning result. After all, your loved ones deserve the best!


Why your loved ones will appreciate this:

  • A personalised gift that’s genuine and hand drawn with care and love
  • A motivating gift that is sure to touch the heartstrings of your receiver, whoever the lucky person may be!
  • A product that is sure to be cherished and appreciated
  • Personalised by someone they truly cherish


Send the timeless gift of treasured memories with our hand-drawn Angel Cards. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to gift their favourite gift this year?

Angel Cards

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